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What is a UCAN Quality Management System?
A UCAN Quality Management System consists of a UCAN manual that will describe how your quality system meets the requirements of the standard. In addition to the Quality manual UCAN Quality forms have also been developed to accompany the manual.
What are the benefits of a UCAN Management System?
There are many benefits to using a UCAN Quality Management System:
  • Cost effective;
  • Simple to use and understand;
  • Step by step guide to assist you in the manual;
  • Free online help to assist you 24 hours/7days a week and
  • Doesn't interrupt you during business hours.
Can UCAN give certification to my Company?
UCAN management systems meet certification requirements however we cannot give certification. For certification information certification bodies in your area.
What is the process for certification?
This is a 3-stage process. First you need to purchase a system that meets the certifying standard. This standard (ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO18001 Safety) must then be implemented with in your company for a period of time showing its working effectiveness. Secondly consider training your staff for roles and responsibilities with reference to the standards. Thirdly once implemented within the relevant guidelines you are then able to apply for certification by an accredited authority.
Are you able to answer all of my questions once I have purchased the management system?
Once your Company has purchased a management system you will receive a unique access code. A qualified Quality, Safety and Environmental consultant will answer any questions that you may have in the question forum - including anything to do with the implementation process of the management system in your Company.
What format do the documentation files come in?
All systems are Microsoft Word formatted which can be edited and updated according to your requirements. Simple and easy to use these systems require very little data entry. Apple Mac users can also instantly edit the files using a .doc/.xls compatible free software like OpenOffice.
How do I implement a management system?
There are some simple steps to take to implement a management system into your business:
  • Purchase a UCAN quality, safety and environmental manual
  • Plan your approach – where the manual will be located and who will be responsible for the manual.
  • Implement the manual - tell staff members about the new system
  • Check that the processes are working
What is ISO?
ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 151 countries, on the basis of one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, that coordinates the system.